Julie's Favorite Things - LAIRD Superfoods
03 May

Julie's Favorite Things - LAIRD Superfoods

If you're like me, you LOVE your coffee.  There are many things I'd give up before that amazing, warm, comforting, rich and necessary cup every morning. We can discuss the finer points of caffeine and coffee on another day....  

About 2 years ago, I removed dairy from my diet. I began, like most people, experimenting with dairy alternatives: watery almond milk, soy milk which I avoid like the plague, and other nut milks which underwhelmed.  I eventually settled on coconut milk which for a time met my needs, tasted good, and had a better nutritional profile than its dairy alternative counterparts.  

Then I stumbled upon Laird Superfoods while out in Arizona from a fellow coach. I was also intrigued because the brand was built by pro surfer Laird Hamilton and his superstar volleyball player wife Gabby Reece.  Their company does a lot of good in addition to putting out an amazing product.  

I personally have tried them all but the unsweetened creamer and cacao are my daily staples.  I can't drink coffee any other way now, and I feel great about what's in them (or rather what's NOT). 

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