Opex GC Member Profile - Tatiana Marozava
27 Dec

Opex GC Member Profile - Tatiana Marozava

At OPEX Gold Coast, we love our clients. Our mission is to teach individuals to be responsible and accountable for their well being by helping them build skill sets and tools that allow THEM to be in control of their lives. This post is the start of a series that will highlight a few of our clients paths on their lifestyle journey. Individual program design is for everyone. In reading this series you'll hear about moms, dads, grandparents, business women and men, Crossfit Games athletes, and every other walk of life you can think of and how our individual design concept has helped them be better in the gym and in their life.

We start with Tatiana.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

Hi! My name is Tatiana Marozava and thank you for picking me to answer these questions. I love OPEX GC and what the individual design methodology has done to my overall level of fitness.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your fitness background. 

Prior to meeting Jay and joining Crossfit Revel, I really didn't have any background in fitness. I would do yoga or pilates occasionally, but that was about it. When I was a child, my interests were more focused on education and schooling. I was able to successfully skip all gym classes or any subject that required physical fitness in school and college.. 

  1. How did you find out about OPEX GC?

I was originally a member of Crossfit Revel when Jay first opened. In 2013 Revel opened in Norwalk near where I live and I decided to give it a try. I came in and met Jay and I was hooked! As the gym started to evolve into OPEX Gold Coast I learned more about individual design, the foundational elements of what being a part of an OPEX gym meant, and evolved with the gym.

  1. As Crossfit Revel transitioned into OPEX Gold Coast, what made you stay with the gym?

Crossfit Revel held an OPEX Athlete Camp one weekend with Matt Bryant. It was a great few days and I loved the camp and what I had learned. I had already started doing "extra" work between scheduled Crossfit classes and decided it was time to transition fully to individual design programming. It was the natural next step in my personal fitness journey. 

  1. Who is your OPEX GC coach?

Jay is currently my coach, but I have had great interactions with all of the coaches at OPEX GC

  1. Thinking back, tell us a little bit about your first week participating in the OPEX GC program? What did you think? Anything unexpected? What was the toughest thing? What did you enjoy the most?

When I joined Crossfit Revel one thing I really enjoyed was working out with a bunch of other people in a class setting. After transitioning to an individual design format, the toughest thing for me was to workout alone. I was so used to group setting that working out alone that without having someone to chase was really challenging. Learning how not to compare myself to others but rather focus on my own growth is not easy. It is still a work-in-progress but something that Jay and the other coaches have helped me tackle and have pushed and motivated me along the way.

Thanks Tatiana for that insight into how you got started with OPEX Gold Coast. We are going to be checking back in with Tatiana along the way to find out a bit more about her personal fitness journey and get a few more details into her training. The interaction with our clients, helping them on their journey in life and fitness is what we love to do here at OPEX Gold Coast and we hope that you enjoy hearing/reading about the great things our clients are doing.

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