Abi Hammond
Owner / Coach

Abi Hammond

Abi is a coach committed to helping her clients achieve consistent, long term results based on their individual goals. She believes in direct and honest relationships between coach and client in order to achieve this. Her background as a professional ballet dancer beginning at age 14 has shown her that dedication and repetition are the keys to perfecting skills, both in and out of the gym. 

She was introduced to the field of strength and conditioning after suffering a string of injuries as a dancer.  She found herself to be stronger, more capable and less susceptible to injury after beginning a weightlifting program, and became passionate about her education in the field of fitness.  

Initially she began work as a personal trainer, and then transitioned to coaching at a CrossFit gym, where she was introduced to OPEX.  Once she began the OPEX CCP Courses, there was no looking back.

Her competitiveness and drive keep her striving to learn and grow as a coach, as well as within her own journey in fitness. She believes in optimizing potential for every one of her clients in order to push them towards their goals.

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