Julie Migliaccio

Julie Migliaccio

I have been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years as a private trainer, coach, group fitness instructor. You name it I've done it! Fitness has always been and will always be my passion.

In need of something to focus my own training on, I found CrossFit in 2009. Shortly thereafter, I began competing. I have competed in 6 opens, been to Regionals twice on a team and went as a member of a 6 person team in 2010 to the Crossfit Games. Recently, I have focused my efforts on competing as a Masters (over 40) Athlete and now just train to stay healthy and "ready for anything".

I have a strong work ethic and am far from a pushover when it comes to my coaching style. I demand allot from my students and I believe that's what's helped me cultivate a loyal and amazing following. I love helping people learn how to use their bodies to find what they are truly capable of. My greatest passion, is programming. My wheels are always spinning and crafting training programs...coaching clients never gets boring for me!

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