Colin Sullivan
OPEX Gold Coast client

Colin Sullivan

Pro Hockey Player / "Ski Bum"

I cannot thank Coach Abi Hammond and the staff at OPEX Gold Coast enough for helping me reach my goals. As a professional athlete, I require a training program and facility that will help me achieve my fullest potential. OPEX Gold Coast does just that... and then some. Coach Abi Hammond’s knowledge of individualized programming, nutrition, and exercise physiology have helped develop me into the best player I can be. Her care for her clients is second to none and her commitment to getting you results is amazing. I have never felt more prepared for an upcoming season. The training I received was completely tailored toward me and my goals. In just one summer, OPEX had transformed me into a bigger, faster, stronger athlete. I recommend OPEX Gold Coast to any competitive athlete looking to optimize their performance. If you bring a good work ethic and a desire to improve, OPEX Gold Coast will get you the results. Thank you OPEX for helping me become a better player and allowing me to reach a level I never thought possible.  


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